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You’d expect us to say nice things about ourselves — it’s only natural. But the real story comes from those with whom we’ve worked. For example:

“Rob Weinberg’s mind refuses to acknowledge that ‘the box’ exists.”

—Maureen Gallo, Baystate Health Systems

“Rob’s creative and unique marketing ideas and concepts provide organizations with valuable results for their marketing dollars. He is a pleasure to work with.”

—Diane Law, President, Parachute Marketing

“I think you’re the leader of the PR crowd I've known, and that encompasses a lot of people.”

—Margot Jackson, North County Times (CA) columnist

“The Market Building Team has been a great asset to my company. From press releases to web sites, they have helped tremendously. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about growing their business or improving their corporate image.”

—Jay Riordan, Dream Design Builders

“You are magic!”

—James Roth, The Roth Law Firm

“Whenever I don’t know what to do I ask ‘Mr. Marketing.’ This cat in a hat really knows his business.”

—Henry Korn, Director & CEO, Poway Center for the Performing Arts Foundation

“If you are looking for a fresh approach to marketing your business I would highly recommend Rob Weinberg. He is ‘out of the box,’ creative and interested in your bottom line.”

—Gary L. Powers, President/CEO, San Diego North Chamber of Commerce

“It’s rare to find honest, thorough, creative people who consistently provide good, solid results. Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to be represented by the MarketBuilding Team like we are.”

—Tom Gross, Specialty Doors & Automation

“Rob is a guy you can easily underestimate due to his unassuming manner. I find him to be brimming with great nuts and bolts ideas that can be put into place immediately. His timeliness is a welcome relief in a world filled with late commitments.”

—Craig Brown, Rancho Financial Mortgage Center

“The results from our association with MarketBuilding have been outstanding. Rob really knows how to assemble a team and the end result well exceeded our expectations.”

—Daryl McFarland, Sun Country Builders

“Rob is able to take facts and figures from a technical mind and seamlessly convert them into poetic verses that appeal to the masses far better than the techno-business babble that most of us see on the street every day.”

—Rick Coburn, Coburn Carpets

“Rob will amaze you with the ideas and insights he brings from over 10 years on Madison Avenue and his evolution to the west coast!”

—Lew Sabbag, Servigraphics

“Rob has taken the time to learn exactly how our business works, step by step — crucial for understanding what results to drive in, and the value that can be created. He is fully engaged in thinking of ways that he can create new programs and promotions that will succeed — giving us a marketing professional who brings in results for our business.

—Dan Wolman,

“The Market Building Team has done an absolutely superlative job in helping me take my business to the next level. Whether it was the design and total reconstruction of my web site, the multiple press releases on my behalf, the re-design of all my marketing materials, or just suggestions as to how to better present myself and what I do to potential clients, Rob and Randy have gone above and beyond my expectations at every turn!”

—Brian Habib, McMillin Realty

“Outsourcing our PR writing to The Market Building Team has not only freed up valuable time but given our press releases a great new look.”

—Russ Schreier, Finance North America

“Anyone coming in contact with you should be prepared to feel safe that you will meet your commitments, be overwhelmed by your loyalty to the project and company and be prepared to smile and laugh a lot because that is what you bring to the party.”

—Stan Miloszewski,

“Some of the most creative folks I know. They’re always coming up with a fresh idea or a new way to present an old concept.”

—Shelley Estersohn, Hannah Group

“Rob and Randy were able to create a web site to establish our company’s presence without revealing too much about our early stage development activities. Their creativity and marketing talent was evident throughout the process of handling this delicate situation.”

—Allan Rozenberg, BeneChill

“A sharp sense of the marketplace, augmented by research skills and just plain hard work, have provided consistently amazing results.”

—Dan Holmes, Hill Associates

“Working with Rob Weinberg was one of the best professional experiences of my life. Rob is creative, insightful, and totally committed to producing the best possible product, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.  His skills encompass many diverse areas, providing him with a unique capability to deliver an exceptional product regardless of the challenges placed in front of him.”

—Rob Levine, Pathways to Excellence

“Uniquely talented individuals who truly strive to do more than is humanly possible.”

—Joseph Baio, Venture Communications Group

“Over the years Rob has been an inspired and inspiring collaborator. He is a true team player who brings great knowledge and energy to every project he undertakes. His commitment to serving others makes every client feel special and well cared for. And they are.”

—Joan Linden, Turnaround Consulting, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Design

“Your business ethics and integrity are evident by your dedication to your customers and your field.  It is a seasoned entrepreneur like yourself that gives the inspiration to young, growing entrepreneurs.”

—Lyne Kendall, Massachusetts Small Business Development Ctr.

“Dedicated and hard working professionals whose efforts had a positive impact on our success."

—Vincent Olinski, Greater Holyoke, MA YMCA

“A supremely dedicated man who actually uses his mind and his ears, as well as his marketing background.”

—Edwin Pemberton, Pemberton Group International

“Wonderfully creative ideas. Instrumental in identifying new directions for our corporation. The marketing plan they tailored for us is thorough, expansive, and allows for flexibility and further creative potential.”

—Veda Andrus, Seeds and Bridges

“Rob Weinberg knows public relations and marketing better than anyone else I have worked with.  He has single-handedly made the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club the most visible and recognized of the sixty clubs in the San Diego, Imperial County Rotary District.  His professional skills have resulted in our club's achieving numerous public relations awards and he being honored as ‘Rotarian of the Year.’ He has been tapped to instruct incoming Rotary Club presidents from Southern California and Nevada on how to market their clubs. Rob definitely makes a difference.”

—Carl Kruse, President, Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary

“Be assured of state-of-the-art technology in the hands of master marketers.”

—Eileen McGowan, Holyoke Community College

“You’ve helped to take the ‘fear’ out of Business Planning.”

—Ann Minor, Healing Arts, LLC

“The promotion went fabulously well.”

—Carl Nelson, Asian Student Center